XenoFantom - Rewarding you the great Fantom token (14%)

By having XenoFantom + Fantom (auto-reward) in your portfolio, you enjoy the unstoppable synergy from the rapid market capital growth of XenoFantom + Fantom.

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About XenoFantom

XenoFantom is a Binance Smart Chain token project to provide investors great exposure to Fantom token.

Compared to many Layer 1 blockchain tokens, Fantom has a superior blockchain technology that utilizes Directed Acyclic Graph (DAC) with its novel Lachesis consensus algorithm. Many have yet to discover the power of their superior technology, making it an undervalued token that has immense growth potential.

Rewarding Token

Hedge funds that are backing Fantom are going to create the Y Combinator for Fantom. Y Combinator is a startup accelerator famous for incubating AirBNB, Coinbase, DropBox & many others. This further strengthens the strong fundamentals of Fantom.

By simply buying & holding XenoFantom, you consistently receive a massive amount of 14% Fantom (FTM) auto rewards. 7% from all buy transactions + 7% from all sell transactions. Whenever people buy or sell, you receive FTM auto-rewards in your wallet.


We give you the best allocation.


Total Supply 1 Billion
Initial LP 4 BNB
Max Wallet 4.5%

13% Buy Taxes

  • 7% Fantom (FTM) auto-rewards
  • 5% Marketing & Use Case Development
  • 1% Auto Liquidity Pool

13% Sell Taxes

  • 7% Fantom (FTM) auto-rewards
  • 5% Marketing & Use Case Development
  • 1% Auto Liquidity Pool

Plans for XenoFantom

1st Phase
  • Project creation
  • Finalization of tokenomics structure
  • Setting up of the official website
  • Setting up of social media platforms: Twitter & Telegram
  • Arranging marketing before fair launch
  • Smart contract programming & debugging
  • Developer’s interaction with the community
  • Official fair launch of XenoFantom on Pancakeswap (Binance Smart Chain)
2nd Phase
  • Carrying out post-launch marketing
  • Engaging Youtubers for marketing
  • Engaging Twitter influencers for marketing
  • Telegram group calls for marketing
  • Partnership with other token projects
  • 1000 holders milestone
  • Reach $500,000 market capital
  • Announcing real use-case plan
3rd Phase
  • Global marketing campaigns executions
  • Advertisements on Poocoin & popular crypto websites
  • Official launch of real use-case
  • 3000 holders milestone
  • Reach $2 million market capital
  • CoinMarketCap listing
  • CoinGecko listing
4th Phase
  • Implementation of multiple use-cases
  • Implementation of revenue-sharing model among all XenoFantom holders
  • 10,000 holders milestone
  • Reach $20 million market capital
  • Listing on major centralized exchanges (Kraken, Gate.io, Huobi, Bitfinex, Kucoin, Binance, FTX)